Empowering Female Business Owners to Defeat Self Doubt to SuperCharge Their Income


One Part EQ Science, One Part Strategy, One Part Woo

Trade your inner critic for your inner best friend and Gain Clarity, Confidence and a Supercharged Income
unstoppable feminine leaders coaching

Kaeleya Co Empowers High Achieving Soulful Business Women to break through conflict that limits business growth and become unstoppable iconic women who light up their industry.

With Kaeleya’s coaching and expert advisory, women release the invisible bag of rocks they carry while climbing to their next level of success, and find a richness in life that extends beyond finances. They find their source of confidence and capacity that comes from within their unique feminine power and they learn to wield that to create the results they desire in business, career and relationships.

That’s because Kaeleya guides her clients to learn the secret language of success that only women have. She sees the invisible stories and patterns unique to each woman, and like a mirror – holds up the exact thing her clients need to see in order to make profound shifts in her perspective, habits, and relationships so that her clients can create more of what she wants from life.

With a unique background steeped in elite level clientele, Kaeleya is no stranger to life in the spotlight and the toll it can secretly take on the world’s most powerful women. Her unique gifts allow her to transform women at their core. She is deep, genuine, and truly an expert with 21 years and 8,500 hours of 1:1 coaching conversations.

Grateful. and more profitable.

Kaeleya is a gift I met several years ago. Little did I know I (and family) members would end up working with her. For my business, she helped me understand the way I was framing work that made it more of a struggle than it needed to be. For my personal life she helped me reframe the way I was seeing something in such a way I was finally able to walk away instead of ruminating on it, which in turn helped me free energy up to attract even more ease in workflow.
She also opened up an entirely new door for me to do more work that has made my entire life suddenly make sense.

Debra AtkinsonFounder Flipping50

Working together has been my secret weapon to discover what has held me back, and what will help me create the future I dream of.

There are few people in life who possess a selfless nature and a willingness to listen, and can connect with enormous empathy. When you meet someone like this, you keep them around. That is K. Her deep commitment to me and my growth have been invaluable. She has a rare ability to see my truth and share insights about me in a way that has opened my heart and my mind. My personal and professional path, although difficult, has been possible because of her support. It's more than just her rare and remarkable empathy, her work is hard, deep and consistent.

Natalie BarandesFounder/Creative Chief, Joy Alliance Corp.

Kaeleya is a Modern Sage.

She has the ability to see into you and beyond you into who you are becoming. She is also extremely practical and grounded in the now. It is this combinational force that pulls you into your highest future self when working with her. She then teaches you how to be this force for yourself in your each and every day.

Heather DominickFounder and Leader of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® Movement

Her intuition, support and approach is second to none.

I have worked with Kaeleya for many years. She is not only an amazing human being but has many very special gifts. She has incredible intuition: sometimes I think she can see straight through my soul! Her intuitive and practical advice really has changed my life into a much more authentic one while helping me become more intuitive myself, has given me peace of mind many times, and has opened my eyes to much clarity. She is not only connected to Mother Earth and the Goddess, she is a Goddess herself! Although she has special and unique abilities, she is also very down to earth, open, honest and even funny! May I repeat, her intuition, support and approach is second to none.

Gloria AlvarezCEO Alvarez Holdings

I “live and move and have my being” in the world in a wonderfully different way because of her.

Kaeleya knows how to guide you through the (re)discovery of who you are and the “work” you are called to do in the world; to reach deeply into yourself and integrate body, mind, and soul so that you are able to see and be in the world embodying the love and peace of the divine in your relationships, your profession, and daily living.

Anne BurkholderAssociate Dean, Emory University

Kaeleya has combined very unique life long skills with powerful and accessible methods that can produce profound results in others.

Jim LutesBest Selling Author, Master Entrepreneur,and Founder of Lutes International

We did hard work together but the shift for me has been towards an easier flow with obstacles and challenges rather than a crash and explode.

During our work together Kaeleya guided and encouraged me along this wild adventure of living on the planet as a “messy” human. Along the way I mined treasures within myself I had buried under a bunch of crap and false beliefs. . Her reminder was often as simple as choosing love. Kaeleya communicates with a poetic plain speak that sparks continuous ah-ha moments of awakening.

Stephanie AllenCreative Marketing Strategist

Her insights are invaluable, and I am honored and blessed to have her steady guidance.

Kaeleya is a powerhouse. She has such a fire inside of her and helps you to find yours in a way that is so supportive and nurturing, you don’t even realize you are in the process of awakening your inner Goddess! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her dedication to her clients is unwavering. She is solid and strong, and yet so caring and in tune to the subtle energies.

Alexia NeonakisVedic Astrologer, Ayurvedic Practitioner

She radiates love, light, and wisdom…all goodness, truth and beauty…far and wide. Always has, and always will. A genuine conduit for grace and miracles.

Robert AikenAstrologer, Metaphysician, Therapeutic Counsellor, and Writer

She is a talented and wise woman and it feels good knowing I have her by my side.

Kaeleya is a powerful friend, coach and cheerleader. She has the ability to really zero in on the patterns and obstacles that keep you from where you want to go, and helps take you deeper into yourself and your work.

Marlene KatzProducer